Volcano Science Fair Projects Tips

It can be hard for a child to decide what to do for a science fair project. There are so many project titles to choose from. Appropriate subjects range from biology and astronomy to engineering. Many children love the idea of volcano science fair projects. It would be a great project for first grade or for another lower elementary grade. Parents should love the idea as well since they are easy to make as far as the ease of getting the materials and the simplicity of the project itself.
Children who make volcano science fair projects are learning about earth science and environmental science as well. To prepare for the science fair, It would be a great idea for the child to check out and read books about volcanoes from the public library. It is also a good idea for them to keep track of their notes, thoughts, and ideas about how to do the project.
Basic supplies needed to complete volcano science fair projects include: baking soda, vinegar, and plaster of paris or clay (for the outside of the volcano). There are also modeling kits that can be purchased and used as well. The student should make sure that they follow any plan our outline that they have received from their teachers. The amount of work required may vary depending on their grade level.
Students who complete volcano science fair projects should remember to write down what they did as they are doing it so that they do not forget and to also write down their observations. Even though this is a simple project, it should be performed under the watchful eye of an adult for safety reasons.
Children can base their project on finding out which base and acid have the biggest reaction, what happens when bases and acids mix, or how volcano models be used to help people in real life. The project can be tailored to what the child wants to find out in order to make it interesting to them. More than one child can have a project pertaining to volcanoes and they can all be very different.