Summer Holiday Project Ideas for Teachers

Summer break is here, it's time for some creative reload for students. It's the best time for teachers to spark up creative fire in children by assigning them summer projects. Students get lot of free time during holidays, they can use their imagination to build something creative and inventive.

Any form of creativity is a healthy and relaxing for children. Working on different projects engages and sharpens their mind. In small children, it builds dexterity and motor function. Besides, projects are simply fun for kids. Projects teach children, how to present idea in the mind by giving it a physically form. While making projects, children learn to find resources for completing their tasks. These summer projects encourage children to work with wide variety of materials. They learn new skills and learn how to do research work for their project.

Science projects are most interesting for students. Teacher of each individual subject - Physics, Biology and Chemistry can pick topics that will instigate scientific learning in them. They learn to experiment, draw scientific method, analyze and reach conclusion. Another most complicated thing is to retain interest in math of children during summer vacations. Teachers need to give Math projects that will captivate their interest and further enhance their likeness for the subject.

Primary Projects - Grade 1st to 4th

• Creating a volcano model - Children need to learn several combinations of chemicals that cause a violent reaction to demonstrate the volcanic eruption in this project.

• Make a compass- Students can use needles, magnets, paperclips nails to prepare their own homemade compass.

• Solar system - Building a solar system is a good way to educate students about earth and the other planets that revolve around the sun.

• Egg Floatation - This project cum experiment displays how one can make an egg to sink, float or submerge. While doing this, children will learn about buoyancy.

Elementary projects - Grades 5th and 6th

• Model Airplanes - Designing airplane model will help students understand mechanism of flight etc.

• Distillation of water - children learn reliable method of producing pure drinking water

• Electricity generator - Students will understand and know how generator works and how it creates electricity. They also come to know that electricity that we use at home is produced by electric generators.

Intermediate projects - 7th and 8th Grade

• Understanding air and water pressure- Our bodies are used and are adjusted to such pressure. We will happen if air pressure will or exceed. Similarly effect of water.

• Spectrum and color production through use of prisms- Students may have observed effects when light passes trough or reflects from a glass object. Creating light color spectrum helps them to understand physical properties of individual light colors.

• Internal combustion engines - Through this project students learn about the structure and design of an internal combustion engine as it is used in every automobile

Senior projects - Grades 9th to 12th

• Projects under Engineering - Designing considerations for "Solar Heated" homes, designing considerations for "Solar-Cell" powered homes, production of electrical energy from mechanical sources

• Physical science - Study of accuracy of calculators, Understanding magnetic relaxation, making a universal reflector

• Environmental science - Study of city flora to smog, project on study of a shoreline, study of air purification methods, yeast: filtration agent for heavy metals?

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